Dixon Gallery is the online showcase and shop for originals, prints, and cards from the archives of Dixon Studio, a national award-winning liturgical arts studio producing stained glass, mosaics, statuary, and furnishings for churches since 1991.
All fine artwork was created by Ronald Dixon.
Born in Ireland on a Good Friday, the son of a church organist, he was well grounded in the faith before receiving his formal training in stained glass and silversmithing at the Belfast College of Art (now part of Ulster University). Just a year out of art school, he was sponsored by a liturgical arts studio in the Midwest to move to America. Working on staff and on a freelance basis with various studios over the years, Mr. Dixon received hundreds of commissions from churches and temples of diverse denominations throughout the United States, designing each project individually to produce a work of art reflective of the faith and lives of each religious community. Since 1991, his ecclesiastical art and church interior designs have been produced under his own name, through the Dixon Studio of Virginia. Visit the studio website at www.dixonstudio.com
Dixon Gallery was launched in the summer of 2017 to offer smaller scale devotional artwork to individuals. Originals, prints, and cards are available for shipment within the continental United States.
image above: the artist creates the full size painting of The Visitation as a pattern for fabrication in mosaic. The completed mosaic was installed in 2014 at All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, Virginia, the largest Catholic Church in the Commonwealth.
Dixon Gallery also offers a unique take on contemporary art by Annie Dixon. 
Project manager and production assistant in the studio for thirty years, Mrs. Dixon's work explores the relationship --or lack thereof-- between religious art and the contemporary art world. She has curated two exhibits of the studio's work at regional art centers and three shows in the studio's own gallery.